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"Sterling and Sterling was able to enhance our company's coverage while lowering its costs. Thomas Clementi, Vice President, personally evaluated our risk and was able to reduce our premium. By implementing their SureRISK® suite of services, including SureTech, SureControl, and SureWatch, they were able to save our company over a $100,000 a year."

Steven Chen, Executive Vice President,
Crystal Windows and Doors Systems, Inc

Sterling & Sterling's services helped us significantly reduce our insurance costs. Their analysis of our Workers Compensation classifications and recommendations were instrumental in our great savings."

John Di Giacomo, former EVP,
North Fork Bank

"So far, you saved us $12,183 in the prior year and $17,445 in the current year. What is even better, is that your reclassification of our employees will continue to save us money each year into the future."

Alan Gold, VP of Finance ,
Tri Component Products Corporation

"Using their Risk Profile System®, Sterling & Sterling reduced our costs by 40% while improving coverage. Because of errors found using SureCOVER® they were able to get money back from previous years. By instituting SureWATCH® we are better equipped to pass potential claims to our suppliers. We reduced risk and are spending less."

David Singh, COO ,
Sultan Health Care

"Before Sterling & Sterling gave me their SureWATCH® service, it was up to me to chase and review Certificates of Insurance from our sub contractors. Once we received the Certificates it was impossible for us to tell if they were valid. Not only is the SureWATCH® service saving time, Sterling was able to reduce our costs significantly and improve our coverage. We reduced our risk and now spend less."

Malcom Koubel,
Pinewood Development Corporation

What's New

Monday August 1, 2011

Sterling & Sterling, Inc. ranked #48 on List of Top 100 Privately Held Insurance Brokerages in the US.

In the August 1, 2011 issue of the National Insurance Journal, Sterling & Sterling, Inc. was ranked as the 48th largest Privately held insurance brokerage in America.   See Top 100 Rankings 

Monday August 1, 2011

Sterling & Sterling, Inc. Launches first ever Supplemental Unemployment Insurance Program

On August 1st, Sterling & Sterling, Inc. in partnership with Assura Group and Great American Insurance Company, launched IncomeAssure, a private unemployment insurance product that acts as a supplement to state unemployment benefits to replace up to 50 percent of a worker’s former wages in the event of involuntary job loss. Like disability insurance, IncomeAssure makes money available to policyholders to pay for personal expenses during unexpected periods of unemployment. It is the only product of its kind available in the U.S. The product is approved in over 30 states already, and we are working to have it available nationwide soon.  This is the only product of its kind in existence in the United States today.

“The Great Recession has fundamentally changed our perceptions of job and financial security and highlighted the need for solutions that can help us weather economic volatility and job loss,” said Leslie Nylund, CEO, Assura Group. “Though state unemployment systems are designed to replace 50 percent of former wages, state benefits are capped at a fixed dollar amount. So, for instance, some states do not reach the 50 percent target for workers earning $50,000 per year or more. IncomeAssure helps close this gap. If you’ve just lost a $100,000 a year job, $1,600 a month doesn’t even begin to cover the bills.”  Read more about IncomeAssure. Get an Instant Quote.

Wednesday July 20, 2011

Sterling & Sterling, Inc. Expands its Aviation Industry Practice and creates Sterling Ascend Insurance Resources

On July 20th, 2011, Sterling & Sterling, Inc. announced the formal opening of Sterling Aviation Insurance Resources, headquartered in Park City, Utah effective July 18th, 2011. This new agency is a strategic alliance between Asend Insurance Services and Sterling & Sterling, Inc.  This new operation will complement Sterling's existing Aviation Industry Practice which has been moving full speed ahead since the opening of their new Practice Headquarters in Miramar Beach, FL earlier this year. Along with an elite list of Aviation clientele, the Park City operation also brings with it their commercial and personal lines clients.

The inclusion of this specialized operation into Sterling will also include the opening of an additional satellite sales office located in San Francisco, CA. “We have great expectations for this synergy created through this new alliance”, said David A. Sterling, CEO of Sterling & Sterling, Inc.. “After the completion of the integration process with our existing Aviation Industry Practice in Miramar Beach and our growth objectives, we expect to become one of the largest aviation specialists in the US over the next three years.”

Friday, January 28, 2011

Sterling Aviation Insurance Services, LLC opens Florida Office

On January 28th, Sterling & Sterling, Inc. announced the opening of their newest office in Miramar Beach, Florida.  This office will house Sterling Aviation Insurance Services, LLC, a Member of the Sterling & Sterling, Inc. Group of Companies, which is focused on insurance and risk management services for the Aviation Industry.  This office will serve as the central underwriting, risk management and policy service center responsible for the management of our Aviation clients insurance portfolios.  Mike O'Donnell, Senior Vice President and Carl Shephard, President will lead this division and oversee all aspects of client services and operations.  Mike and Carl have extensive influence in the aviation insurance marketplace and are widely considered to be the definitive experts in the placement and execution of complex insurance solutions for aviation risks. 

Monday April 12, 2011

David Sterling on the Stoler Report.

Please be sure to watch the Stoler Report this Tuesday, April 12th.  David Sterling will be appearing on the show. For more about The Stoler Report please be sure to follow the links listed below:

This week, take the opportunity to hear from New York's and the nation's most prominent real estate leaders participating on the lively panel on "The Stoler Report-Real Estate Trends" The Stoler Report airs eight times a week in New York City on CUNY TV, channel 75 and four times a week in East Hampton & Montauk, New York on WEGTV, channel 22. This week, the topic of the panel discussion is:  Business Executives View of the Market, with guests who include: Dr. Sam Chandan, Philip Eisenberg, Ron Greenspan and David Sterling.

Building New York airs seven times a week on CUNY TV channel 75 and four times a month on WEGTV, channel 22 in East Hampton & Montauk, Long Island. This week, Michael Stoler profiles the Frank Sciame, chairman, F.J. Sciame

Both shows are available on the Internet at www.stolerreport.com , www.michaelstoler.com



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