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Umbrella Insurance (CREPE)

Combined Real Estate Purchasing Enterprise (CREPE) is a high-limit, low-cost umbrella liability policy that provides up to $200 million in limits for your commercial real estate.

A risk purchasing group created 20 years ago, CREPE leverages the combined buying power of a large group of real estate interests and enables SterlingRisk to provide the highest levels of coverage available at affordable prices for its clients.

From a single-standing, 50-unit apartment building to a multi-location, mixed-use business park and everything in between, CREPE clients benefit from the lowest negotiated rates, the most flexible limits, along with custom-tailored products and solutions.

What Sets CREPE Umbrella Insurance Apart?

  • Aggregate limits apply per location.
  • Directors and officers liability coverage up to $200 million.
  • Employee benefits liability coverage up to $200 million.
  • Includes crisis response coverage.
  • Personal umbrella available.
  • Lead and mold coverage follow form available.
  • Leverages the buying power of many to offer each client coverage at the most affordable cost.
  • Developed by SterlingRisk, a leader in creating and administering successful affinity programs.

Ready to Get Started?

To find out more about CREPE, download this informative brochure. Ready to see how much you can save? Download an application and schedule of locations and email it to CREPE@sterlingrisk.com or fax it to 888.290.0302, Attn: CREPE Insurance Program.

Download CREPE Schedule Spreadsheet