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Jewish Community Centers

Over the past 20 years, SterlingRisk has met the insurance and risk management needs of more than 100 Jewish Community Centers (JCCs) and affiliated Federations.

Our local broker friendly approach enables us to provide our JCC/Federation clients with outstanding insurance coverage, best-in-class service and pricing, as well as expert loss control and claims management, making our sponsored program a flexible, competitive option for insurance brokers and consultants.

Unlike other sponsored programs where the agency represents a single carrier, SterlingRisk remains your independent agent, enabling clients to:

  • Maintain existing broker and consultant relationships.
  • Take advantage of premium savings and superior coverage.
  • Obtain a customized risk management program.

What Types of Insurance Programs Are Available?

  • JCC Master Umbrella Program: Provides umbrella liability coverage over and above a center’s underlying general, auto and employer’s liability policies. Coverage is also afforded for professional liability, athletic participation liability, employee benefit liability, sexual abuse and molestation, liquor liability and directors’ and officers’ liability. One of the broadest and most competitively priced contracts in the marketplace, the program accommodates centers that are part of functional Federations or Federation insurance purchasing groups or “pools” and includes Federation-affiliated counseling/service agencies, Jewish day schools and temples. Each center has a choice of three different limit options: $5 million, $10 million or $25 million.
  • JCC Package Insurance Program: Provides the most comprehensive coverage available in the marketplace at the most competitive pricing possible. We always access at least three primary carriers with different underwriting strengths to ensure your insurance program meets your center’s specific needs.
  • JCC Medical Access Program: The only JCCA-endorsed Group Accident Medical Program, it was created to eliminate the frustrating roster submission requirement. The program incorporates an innovative flat pricing with year-round protection for all JCC-sponsored camps and programs. Coverage applies to all participants and volunteers at scheduled, supervised and sponsored on- and off-premises activities, as well as during transit.
  • JCC Participant General Liability Program: Secures specific event coverage for events and programs from one to seven days (such as Maccabi Games) not covered by the primary underwriters. This coverage is designed to fill the critical gap in coverage resulting from athletic participation bodily injury exclusions found in traditional liability policies.

Ready to Get Started?

Simply click on the application for the JCC primary insurance or for the umbrella insurance program. Prefer to speak with a JCC insurance expert first? Email us at jcc@sterlingrisk.com .