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Business Insurance

SterlingRisk is a top national insurance broker and leading provider of risk management services and employee benefits. Our goal is simple: to provide custom solutions that enable your business to effectively reduce risk, control losses and reduce insurance costs.

In creating the right insurance solution, we begin with a deep understanding and analysis of your business, its risk and loss history. We look for costly gaps in coverage within your overall insurance portfolio to ensure that your business and personal assets are properly protected. We then custom design the right insurance program to meet your specific needs.

It Is about Understanding Risk and Developing Customized Insurance Programs.

At SterlingRisk, we understand your business, and specialize in niche industries such as real estate, construction, aviation, hospitality and environmental services.

We combine business and insurance knowledge with our unique analytical approach to insurance decision making. We analyze your business risks and work with you to minimize those risks using preventative tactics, safety engineering and common sense.

After all, if you can eliminate a risk, you can eliminate the costs associated with it.

We firmly believe it is our responsibility to advise you of the changes in business practices and operations that can be made, and at what cost, in order to help you reduce risk and make intelligent and cost-effective decisions about the insurance products needed to cover the exposures.

Your SterlingRisk team includes experienced claims advocates and safety professionals, as well as attorneys and advisors. Together, we focus on protecting your assets and reducing the real cost of your business insurance by transferring contractual risk, managing your workers’ compensation expenses and even controlling the rising cost of employee benefits.

What We Cannot Prevent, We Help You Insure.

With loss control measures in place, we design the right insurance program for your business and leverage our clout with leading carriers to get you the maximum insurance coverage at the lowest possible cost.

Should you ever need to file a claim against that coverage, you can count on your SterlingRisk team to be there every step of the way. Our claims consultants streamline the claims process and work tirelessly, advocating for the best possible outcomes.

Our integrated approach is proven to save our clients money over the long term. We welcome the opportunity to do the same for your business. To find out how, contact us.