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Real Estate

The owner of 2,500 apartment units faced substantial losses in the face of Superstorm Sandy when their previous broker failed to advise them of a rent abatement waiting period on their existing business income policy.

Unaware of the three-day waiting period, the owner forgave the rent of all tenants who experienced a power outage during that time due to the storm, expecting to be reimbursed for the lost income. Unfortunately, the policy’s stipulated waiting period eliminated the reimbursement at significant cost to the property owner.

Now their broker of record, SterlingRisk, not only obtained the additional business income coverage but was able to negotiate with the incumbent underwriter at renewal to obtain this coverage with no change in premium.


We hired SterlingRisk very late in the renewal process at the end of last year. The team at Sterling was able to quickly understand our Company’s needs and meet the nearly impossible timeline for renewal.

We hired SterlingRisk very late in the renewal process at the end of last year. The team at Sterling was able to quickly understand our Company’s needs and meet the nearly impossible timeline for renewal. During the process, they took the time to educate us on potential shortfalls in our former policy’s coverage levels and ultimately provided us with a very competitive premium with unbeatable financing. In the few months that followed, Sterling has helped us resolve some open indemnification agreements with a few of our customers and provided training to our documents team responsible for ensuring our vendors are within our newly defined insurance compliance requirements.

Skip Warner, VP of Finance / Controller
FrontStreet Facility Solutions, Inc.

Financial Services

Our in-depth review of the insurance coverage of a broker-dealer owned by another company revealed significant gaps that could have cost the client thousands in losses.

While the broker-dealer was insured by the parent company (which is in a different line of business), the coverage did not properly insure them for trading activity. In the event of a loss, the existing insurance may not have answered many of the broker’s professional exposures. The program SterlingRisk recommended and was subsequently contracted to place does. We now are the insurance broker for all of the investment firm’s professional liability coverage, including their directors and officers, cyber threats and errors & omissions policies.


I have had the pleasure of working with the SterlingRisk Benefits team for many years, and I have had only good experiences.

With my huge workload, I can’t tell you how many hours your team has saved me so that I can concentrate on doing other things that need to be done. Every benefits meeting, enrollment process, unexpected problems and, of course, the annual Census are all handled quickly and efficiently. I attribute that to the fine work of your Benefits Department.

I commend the hardworking professionals at SterlingRisk who have made my job at Scotto Brothers much easier.

Michele McGrath, Assistant Controller
Scotto Brothers

Food & Restaurant

SterlingRisk goes above and beyond to accommodate us and keep us informed of any changes in the industry well ahead of time and works closely with us to develop plans and strategies to face any challenge we are presented with.

Our SterlingRisk representative is always just a phone call away and responds within a reasonable timeframe, which is extremely important. She is a great asset to our Benefits department and we are very lucky to have her on our team.

Stacy Scott
Apple Metro


Due to an unfortunate accident our company helicopter was badly damaged by a hard landing and roll over on uneven terrain.

Due to an unfortunate accident our company helicopter was badly damaged by a hard landing and roll over on uneven terrain. Though the aircraft was repairable, the known cost to overhaul and the time required to complete the repair would cause an economic hardship to the company. Paradise Helicopters determined that it would be more beneficial to the company to have the aircraft declared a constructive total loss. SterlingRisk understood our concerns and negotiated a settlement using the extra expenses coverage for a rental helicopter as a means to calculate the total expected claim. The insurer agreed with SterlingRisk and paid the total loss claim less the fair market salvage value. This allowed our company to continue to improve the fleet and reduce the long term loss that would have been generated by a lengthy repair effort. SterlingRisk took the time to understand the economic position of the company, as well as the increased costs that would be pushed to the insurer, which helped negotiate a more positive settlement for both the insurer and our company.

Calvin G. Dorn, CEO
Paradise Helicopters

Environmental Services

SterlingRisk is my “go-to” environmental insurance broker.

“I am an environmental attorney who has worked with Howard Tollin since 2001 on transactions involving over 200 properties. Howard’s prior background as an environmental attorney, along with his innovative thinking and knowledge of the markets, makes him an irreplaceable partner for my clients and me. Indeed, we have worked closely together manuscripting and negotiating numerous endorsements to enhance coverage that subsequently became part of many carriers’ standard forms. We have also worked together to protect clients’ interests in obtaining reasonable claim recoveries. SterlingRisks’ approach significantly reduces the time I need to spend, which makes obtaining environmental insurance much more cost effective for our clients.”

Gordon C. Duus, Partner
Mandelbaum Salsburg

Professional Services

SterlingRisk has been with us since our firm’s early days, servicing our professional liability needs as our firm has grown.

The company has helped us to navigate the complex liability risks we’ve faced as we’ve taken on high-profile cases such as the injury claims of the rescue and recovery workers of the September 11, 2001 attacks. SterlingRisk has been both a source of knowledge and a safety net, answering any questions or concerns we’ve had, while making sure we’re protected with the right coverage in place.

Paul J. Napoli, Senior Partner
Napoli Bern Ripka Shkolnik, LLP

Health & Social Services

When a small outpatient rehabilitation facility grew to include a residential treatment facility, their risk exposure did too, as did their insurance premium.

SterlingRisk worked closely with our client to reduce their risk exposure, counseling them on both their hiring and management practices, including security. We implemented a national background check program on all employees who came into contact with the residents, created proper documentation procedures for all incidents and potential claims, as well as supervisory controls and proper client-counselor reporting forms that followed confidentiality laws. Putting all of these controls into place helped the insured become certified by JCAHO, resulting in money-saving credits on their insurance policy and earning them a designation as a “premier” prospect, which enabled us to access additional cost-effective programs not available to “new ventures.”


The SterlingRisk team has been innovative as well as proactive and has become our trusted advisor with respect to all of our risk management needs.

Our initial contact with SterlingRisk began with an analysis of our directors’ and officers’ exposures and coverages. The analysis outlined numerous deficiencies in coverages that they advised could be rectified. Upon providing them a broker of record letter for these coverages, SterlingRisk provided us with enhanced coverages and higher limits, which our prior broker said was unavailable.

The relationship has since grown with SterlingRisk providing improved risk management solutions with respect to our property and casualty exposures as well as our benefits and student accident coverages.

Ralph Cerullo, Treasurer
Dowling College

Music & Entertainment

On the very last day of my very first “real tour,” most of our gear got stolen.

On the very last day of my very first “real tour,” most of our gear got stolen. At the time, I didn’t know this was a touring musician’s worst nightmare. I was under the assumption that empty venues with crickets were. Alas, nope, this was worse.

We had been up until 2am in a Seattle recording studio, spending the last day of our West Coast tour laying down some demos. We had to wake up at 6am to catch our flight back to NYC. I came out in the wee hours of the morning to get something from the car, and noticed the driver’s side door was jimmied open. Then I looked back and thought “Man, the van looks empty. Guess we took more stuff inside than I thought. Wait. A. Second. I didn’t take ANYTHING inside because we are at a nice little suburban house that has a dog and the van is parked in a driveway!”

My band members came out and we assessed what was missing. Essentially it was my flight case and Yamaha P120 keyboard, two guitars and a few suitcases that had all sorts of goodies in them, from clothes to pedal boards to cables. My guitarist had purchased some vintage pedals on the tour and was pretty bummed to see those missing.

One of us called the cops, one of us called the airline to move our flight, and one called our insurance (we all had MusicPro). Six minutes later, the only person still on the phone was the one that called the airline. Everything else had been taken care of.

When I got home, the mail had come. I had in my hand a check from MusicPro for the exact amount of the purchase value of my missing gear, enough to go and start fresh.

Cheryl Engelhardt

Wholesale Distribution

When SterlingRisk was first referred to us, we allowed them to perform a complimentary review of our insurance program. Upon their review, they exposed a serious void in our insurance program.

Our current broker was unaware of the issue, and after exposing the void, the broker was unable to fix the problem without a substantial financial penalty to my company. Robert Trinagel, Senior Vice President of SterlingRisk, was able to structure a program that not only eliminated the exposure, but it resulted in a premium reduction as well. Robert has gained our complete support as our insurance advocate. Now they not only represent us on our property, casualty and workers’ comp lines, we’ve engaged their affiliated TPA services and are thrilled with the service they provide as well. Sterling has become one of our most trusted business advisors.

Brian Emmert, CPA
Jetro Holdings, LLC


I have had the pleasure of working with SterlingRisk’s employee benefits department since 2007 when I took over the role of controller at ADE Systems.

Right from the beginning, the team has been a source of expert information, guidance through changing policies and a trusted advocate when negotiating new or continued benefits. The level of customer service is superb. We look forward to continuing our relationship with SterlingRisk in the future.

Valorie Mancuso, Controller
ADE Group