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About Us

Like You, We Focus on the Bottom Line.

At SterlingRisk, we understand that to your business, the bottom line is the bottom line. That is why we do all we can to help companies of all sizes, as well as the successful individuals who manage them, reduce the real cost of both their personal and commercial insurance. Our comprehensive, consultative approach looks beyond the premium to solve your critical risk challenges, control losses and manage your claims so you spend less protecting your assets and your business in the long run.

We are one of the largest national insurance brokers and a leading provider of risk management services and employee benefits. To our clients, we are so much more: SterlingRisk is a trusted risk manager, a problem solver and a partner that our clients can count on to protect their interests so they can focus on managing and growing their business.

How do we do it?

By understanding both the nuances and unique risk challenges of the specific industries of every one of our clients and most importantly, knowing how to solve them. At SterlingRisk, we specialize in industries such as aviation, construction, environmental services, financial services, food, hospitality, real estate, nonprofit and professional services by offering a level of in-depth expertise our competitors simply cannot match.

The SterlingRisk team includes experienced claims advocates and safety professionals, as well as attorneys and advisors. Together, we focus on protecting our clients’ assets and reducing the real cost of business insurance by transferring contractual risk, managing workers’ compensation expenses and implementing programs to control the rising cost of employee benefits.

As a result, we have experienced one of the highest growth rates of any U.S. broker in recent years. Most of this growth has occurred organically through referrals from satisfied clients, not through acquisitions.

We are now ranked among the nation’s top 40 privately held insurance brokers based on the value of the premiums we place. At SterlingRisk, it is not about the premiums placed; it is about the risk challenges we have helped clients overcome and the savings we have generated for them in the process.

For while we have grown into a top-ranked brokerage with nationwide offices and more than 200 insurance professionals, we still adhere to the principles that have guided our growth since our founding by Jonah Sterling more than 80 years ago: to protect our clients, their assets and their bottom line.

To find out how we can put those principles to work for your business, contact us.