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"Sterling and Sterling was able to enhance our company's coverage while lowering its costs. Thomas Clementi, Vice President, personally evaluated our risk and was able to reduce our premium. By implementing their SureRISK® suite of services, including SureTech, SureControl, and SureWatch, they were able to save our company over a $100,000 a year."

Steven Chen, Executive Vice President,
Crystal Windows and Doors Systems, Inc

Sterling & Sterling's services helped us significantly reduce our insurance costs. Their analysis of our Workers Compensation classifications and recommendations were instrumental in our great savings."

John Di Giacomo, former EVP,
North Fork Bank

"So far, you saved us $12,183 in the prior year and $17,445 in the current year. What is even better, is that your reclassification of our employees will continue to save us money each year into the future."

Alan Gold, VP of Finance ,
Tri Component Products Corporation

"Using their Risk Profile System®, Sterling & Sterling reduced our costs by 40% while improving coverage. Because of errors found using SureCOVER® they were able to get money back from previous years. By instituting SureWATCH® we are better equipped to pass potential claims to our suppliers. We reduced risk and are spending less."

David Singh, COO ,
Sultan Health Care

"Before Sterling & Sterling gave me their SureWATCH® service, it was up to me to chase and review Certificates of Insurance from our sub contractors. Once we received the Certificates it was impossible for us to tell if they were valid. Not only is the SureWATCH® service saving time, Sterling was able to reduce our costs significantly and improve our coverage. We reduced our risk and now spend less."

Malcom Koubel,
Pinewood Development Corporation

CREPE Umbrella Insurance Program

Low Cost-High Limit

Umbrella Insurance for

Commercial Real Estate

Our CREPE Real Estate Umbrella Insurance program provides up to $100,000,000 limits for your commercial real estate.  The CREPE acronym stands for Combined Real Estate Purchasing Enterprises.  CREPE is a Risk Purchasing Group that was created over 10 years ago by Sterling & Sterling, Inc. By using the combined buying power of a large group of real estate interests, we are able to provide the highest levels of coverage available at affordable prices for our clients.

Sterling & Sterling, Inc. is a noted authority on creating and using Risk Purchasing Groups.

Why Is this Insurance Program different?

  • Aggregate limits apply per location
  • Directors & Officers Liability coverage up to $100M*
  • Employee Benefits Liability coverage up to $100M*
  • Includes coverage resulting from hostile fire/off-premises releases
  • Includes Crisis Response coverage

*Note: Coverage is provided over primary insurance on a follow-form basis

Limit Options Available

  • Option 1: $10,000,000
  • Option 2: $50,000,000
  • Option 3: $100,000,000

To download our CREPE Umbrella Program brochure, please click here

For more information on our program, please email CREPE@sterlingrisk.com

To obtain a quote please download the application here  and our location schedule here and fax

Fax: (888) 290-0302

Attn: CREPE Insurance Program

Or you can mail it to: 135 Crossways Park Drive, P.O Box 9017, Woodbury, NY 11797 -  Attn: CREPE Umbrella Insurance Program

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